Cloud Security Cameras – Stay One Step Closer To Your Home

DropcamProWi-FiYour house is the most vulnerable to thieves and burglars when you are away on a vacation or for some work. Makes sense right? But how do you protect your home apart from requesting your friends and family to keep an eye? Well, the answer could be cloud based security cameras.

These cameras offer connection to your home security video feed via your smartphone or tablet, and when connected to your home broadband WiFI they will send the video over to you via cloud. Setting them up is easy and the video quality while choppy will surely do the trick.

Most cameras in this segment come with motion detectors, infrared recording and microphone system so that you can alert the miscreant that you are in fact watching him. Most of them offer smartphone or tablet apps through which you can watch the video feed. You can see the video via a dedicated web portal as well. This is definitely the best and the latest in home security when you are away.

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